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Scientific Association for the
Promotion of Educational Innovation



a not-for-profit association of educators

EEPEK is a not-for-profit association of educators from all levels of education with over 24.000 members. During the last five years, it has offered over 180 seminars of a total duration exceeding 44,500 hours (mainly, through distance learning) providing more than14.5 million man-hours of teacher education. Since 2019, EEPEK is offering upskilling courses for educators, in collaboration with Lifelong Learning Centres of Greek Universities, including the University of Macedonia and the University of Thessaly.

Apart from the training seminars, EEPEK organises workshops, and conferences. The proceedings of the conferences include over 3.000 educational works (original articles, teaching practices and scenarios, experiential courses, etc.) provided at EEPEK’s portal ( In addition, EEPEK edits a scientific journal (IJEI – International Journal of Educational Innovation) and has created the e-learning platform of EEPEK ( provides a variety of teacher training courses, coordinated by highly qualified instructors. On-line course forums enable the exchange of ideas and experiences among thousands of educators.

Given the above, EEPEK is currently the largest and most dynamic learning community of educators in Greece. During all these years EEPEK has established a network of internationally accredited academic professionals as associated partners from all over the world. At the same time the organisation itself has participated in a number of EU funded projects having an intention to give an international dimension to the organisation activities and develop experience and expertise in transnational teacher training activities

the largest and most dynamic

learning community of educators

the largest and most dynamic learning community


For the last five years the international educational Conference held by EEPEK in Larissa, Greece welcomes speakers and training activities from all over the world. Currently, EEPEK activities focus on:

  • Building an active European learning community of educators.

    • Keeping pace with and promoting state-of-the-art educational technologies and methodologies by providing structured, high-quality courses.

    • Organizing and supporting a broad range of dissemination activities, such as events (workshops, seminars, symposiums and conferences) and publications (journals, newsletters, digital media posts and interviews).

    • Joining international partnerships in order to participate in the design, implementation, pilot testing and evaluation of revolutionary schooling and learning approaches, in all levels of education.


    Contributing to certain educational aspects, for achieving the EU’s vision towards the European Education Area. These include:

    • Digital, technology-based and transversal competences

      • Environmental sustainability and green economy,

      • Entrepreneurial learning and active citizenship,

      • Cooperation with climate change projects/initiatives/NGOs Recently EEPEK has developed Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) available for anyone to enroll. MOOCs provide an affordable and flexible way to learn new skills, advance teachers’ career and deliver quality educational experiences at large scale. Under this perspective, we see potential to expand our project across all European countries from a range of perspectives. As a part of our sustainability strategy, we aim to contact such organisations and identify further partners across our country as well as other European countries.

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