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Key phases

Green Wave project's phases


Key phases in the project

EU Grew project
in three phases

The project will include a 2 weeks Summer School for 70 teachers from all different EU countries and beyond, National Hubs and Living Labs in all participant countries for teachers and school communities, a MOOC course in the last phase of the project for the delivery of course resources and materials to thousands of teachers around Europe,  

“EU The Green Wave” contains training actions on different aspects of EU policies regarding climate change, including:

  • the physical processes that drive climate change, such as greenhouse gases and the relevant human activities

  • the impacts of climate change on the environment and human societies, such as rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions

  • specific strategies for the mitigation and adaptation, with regard to climate change

  • the role of the governments, international organizations, and civil society in addressing climate change

  • the social and ethical dimensions of climate change, including economic dimensions, marginalized communities and climate refugees.

green wave project

The Green Wave Project

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