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Our aim

educational systems as the means


Our aim

Focus on Green Deal
& EU policies

  • address the aforementioned widespread lack of knowledge of the European Union policies and a lot of disinformation, that increase people’s disenchantment about the Union

  • focus on Green Deal, EU recommendations and suggested actions on it and establish a methodology for bringing it closer to citizens using educational systems as the means/vehicle to achieve it

  • train teachers across Europe to plan school projects focused on EU policies and Green Deal and cooperate with each other. In this way, the project teachers could act as social multipliers and ambassadors for European values and promote 21st century competences among pupils.

  • develop teaching materials and resources that will serve this purpose

  • foster an innovative approach to teacher training using a combination of methodologies (Summer school course, National Hubs, Living Labs and MOOC – at the final stage as a guarantee for sustainability of the project)

green wave project

The Green Wave Project

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