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About the project

EU The Green Wave Project (EU Grew)


About the project

EU The Green Wave Project

EU Grew project concerns the European Green Deal priority, focusing on educational activities aiming at the activation of citizens to support the Green Deal agenda, and deal with the effects of climate change on our rights as well as the impact of the war in Ukraine and its interconnection with the postponement of the implementation of decisions and actions to address climate change that undermines our prosperity, our freedom.

The “EU - The Green Wave” (EU GreW) project is targeting all those challenges using education as the vehicle for the promotion of principles and values comprising the EU democratic culture, which can contribute to better appreciation of the EU as an entity that works at many different levels in favour of all people, irrespective of their identity. “EU The Green Wave” meets the objectives of the Jean Monnet action as through the developed training activities engender a better understanding of the EU and its functioning and enables teachers to introduce EU content in their activities.

Education and teachers are important factors to promote understanding of the European Union and construct the European identity.  The “EU GreW” project aims to primarily train a transnational group of teachers that will act as inspiring social and cultural agents that will spread the European values to colleagues, young people and the society. Moreover, they will foster a dialogue with and among relevant stakeholders on a social and policy level and will contribute towards realising synergies and improving the quality of training and learning through knowledge about Europe and its values. The project aims to create a cross-border, sustainable and long-lasting teachers’ network, which will promote social and civic competences of pupils and advocate democratic values, fundamental rights, intercultural understanding and the ownership of them with a special focus on environmental policies and the promotion of sustainable development.

green wave project

The Green Wave Project

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