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Summer School

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The Green Wave's Summer School

Summer school

The proposed EU GreW Summer School for teachers is planned as an intense (considering the training hours -120 hours) but also doable training as teacher participants will have the opportunity to get involved in hands-on activities, join field trips and workshops prepared for them in a variety of locations.

Participation in Summer School has been shown to have substantial beneficial effects on education of both students and educators. In this project the goal is to bring participants up to date on EU environmental policy with necessary brevity – they were to be able to refresh, update and expand their content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge, and receive assistance for independent further education.





The Summer School course will mix concentrated content input from the speakers, hands on workshops, meetings and cultural events. The innovative aspect of having an international group of teachers focusing on challenging EU topics lies in the very nature of the Summer school training itself. The participants are expected to make the most of their time there as they will meet, collaborate and exchange knowledge and experiences with experts and colleagues in 24hs per day context making the most of working time, leisure time and summer time to develop themselves in many different levels.

Summer school itself can help clarify misconceptions or work deeper on them during the scheduled training time or after it as participants will share cultural or just free time activities. The Summer School environment will create a model of the multicultural EU community which is in fact the big picture behind the whole planning of this EU GreW project.


Enroll in our Summer School for an opportunity to improve your teaching skills and better meet your students' needs. It's a chance to keep growing professionally.

The Summer School is expected to offer an experience to be useful on many levels. The objectives of the Summer School training course are outlined as follows:

  • Comprehensive EU Policy Understanding: Equip teachers with a deep understanding of EU policies and the concept of European citizenship, enhancing their professional approach and future outlook.
  • Empirical Research Involvement: Engage in an empirical study that includes pre-, post-, and follow-up tests through both traditional (paper and pencil) and digital (online) methods.
  • Study of EU-Related Teacher Characteristics: Examine key aspects of participating teachers' perspectives on the EU, such as the correlation between their knowledge of the EU and attitudes toward it, while considering factors like gender and type of school.
  • Insights into EU Subject Teaching: Gain insights into the current practices of teaching the EU subject, encompassing objectives, strategies, methodologies, and challenges faced by educators.
  • Impact Assessment of Training: Analyze the effects of attending the Summer School on teachers, focusing on their approaches and understanding of EU topics.

These objectives aim to provide a multifaceted experience, addressing both theoretical knowledge and practical application related to teaching about the European Union.

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activities, field trips
& workshops