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Schools' Support

transform school communities to National Hubs


Schools' Support

National Hubs

To support the engagement of the user-communities, the EU Grew services will offer support to participant teachers and their schools to transform their school communities to National Hubs.

After the completion of the Summer school, participant teachers back in their schools will be supported by EEPEK network to produce National Hubs (small presentations and lesson plans) on how to bring Green Deal and EU issues into schools either as part of their in class teaching of various subjects or designing and implementing a whole school project on a relevant subject.

Material uploaded in the platform along with direct communication with EEPEK project team (either by emails, forum threads, on-line meetings) will be available for all Summer school participants.

For their presentations, the teachers are expected to focus on two different suggested methodologies with their students:

  • Peer to peer learning (with a small group of teachers in their schools) though: Debates, Discussion groups, Coaching, Peer mentor, Peer performance reviews

  • Teaching students in school classrooms though (whole class involvement) : audiovisual resources, assignment of a novel, talk about personal experiences, Field Training, Outdoor Activities, Debates, Volunteering Activities

supported by EEPEK network